I met Adam Sandow, the chairman and founder of SANDOW, a media company located in south Florida. Their HQ's was on the same campus as my college. The company has brands in beauty, design, fashion and luxury lifestyles. I met him, his brother and wife while hostessing at one of his favorite Friday restaurant. By a stroke of good luck, he invited me into SANDOW to speak to two employees, one being a competent senior designer. That was one of my happiest design moments to visit SANDOW'S HQ office and viewing Adam's favorite modern art throughout the space, getting free Starbucks at the internal Starbucks cafe, and speaking to such a high-level designer. 
Valentine's Day Rewards Promos
Collaboration with a senior graphic designer to utilize Verizon's new branding guidelines to create valentine's day rewards banners with DELUXE Rewards' products shone in circles for loyal customers.
Graphic Designer  
Photoshop, Illustrator
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