Designed for a friend's construction company as a graphic design college student at FAU.
I designed this by sketching the logo and brainstorming ideas to make digital. It was a success because every product was tangible. I brought a Cloak construction hard hat to the presentation with a transparent sticker and a gift bag with a small wooden box and folded square pamphlet with a code to be entered on Cloak's site for a chance to win a home renovation.  
Graphic Designer  
Photoshop, Illustrator, pencil, grid paper, eraser, laser printers
I recieved much praise and an A on this project. My professor took the hard hat and gift bag home.

Alternative Logo in two color variations for Visual Design Lab 2. This was finalized after several iterations. It was printed and used on business cards and postcards.

Yellow and black logo for Cloak Construction identity branding for Visual Design Lab 2.
Stationery and Business Cards
These were tangible printed products shone better in person. When I presented these to my class and instructor, everyone was thrilled and pleased.
Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Site
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